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Importance of Governance in Public Service Delivery


At the end of session, the participants will be able to:

Identify the importance of governance in public service delivery

Assess risks associated with service performance by applying the Four- Governance Model Framework

Issues on Governance in Public Service Delivery

- Importance of Governance in Public Service Delivery
- Issues with Outsourcing
- Four-Governance Model Framework
- Framework for Assessing Risk


Citizens globally pressed elected officials to shrink the size of the government

-> Late 1970s & early 1980s

Wanted substantial government programmes with less expenditure

Too bloated & inefficient

Privatisation: Selling to private sectors


Selling to private: Does the responsibility of government ends?

Typically retain a regulatory role to ensure the quality & safety of the services


What are entities that had been privatized? MAS, TM, KTM, TNB,



Procedural Governance (PGM)
Corporate Governance (CGM)
Market Governance (MGM)
Network Governance (NGM)

1. Procedural Governance Model

    Centralised & hierarchical PA

    Rule-bound: Protocols & defined practices

    Strong top-down authority & layers of checking

   Minimal outsourcing

   Standardised services at lowest per-unit cost

    BUT ..... Could not cope with increasing complexity of government

2. Corporate Governance Model

    Importance to planning, budgeting & reporting

    Focuses on outputs instead of inputs

    Focuses on specific groups of citizens

    Achieving results

3. Market Governance Model

    Encourages competition among vendors

    Develops contracts to define relationships

    Stress quality & cost

    Considerable emphasis on meetings citizen needs

    Uses commercial / private practices and 
     BUT .....  Focuses only on one service
             ....    Difficulties when need to be coordinated

4. Network Governance Model 

    Focuses on linkages among vendors

   Respond to complex citizen needs effectively

   High level of public-private partnerships

   Relational capital – outsource complex activities 



Assess the risk associated with poor delivery performance

Citizen sensitivity - assessing the real impact on the service of the citizen
Market competition - competitive nature of the amrket for vendors
Switching costs - Ease or difficulty of switching vendors/switching to internal service provision if performance is poor

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